Why 3D?

Short operating time

Precise and sharp view 

Maximum accuracy & optimal safety

Real depth perception & optimal hand-to-eye coordination

Depth Perception

Advantages of the 3D technology is the good hand-eye coordination that it affords as well as increased precision. This allows surgeons to work more exactly and with fewer errors and to separate even exceedingly fine tissue structures. Less experienced surgeons benefit especially from these advantages.

They can learn the operations and the related anatomical features more quickly and effectively. 

Reduced Mortality 

It has been proved that with 3D technology there was a sufficient rate reduced rates of mortality associated with 3D technology.

It is also possible to release patients into postoperative care in a better state of health. 

Related Studies

A Single Surgeon’s Experience with 3-Dimensional (3D) Laparoscopic Surgery for Gastric Cancer

The Clinical Report Of Laparoscopic Gasrectomy with Sometech 3D Laparoscopy System

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