Opthalmic Surgical Video Microscope

31'' Surgical LCD Monitor 

Great Detail Resolution (3840x2160) 

Working Distance : 400mm

Target Diagonal length : D/L :20 , D/L :40

2X Optical zooming by turrent

1.5X digital zooming by foot-switch

Axis Maneuverability + Motorized Height control

Foot Pedal and remote-control Keypad


Original Digital 4K 3D Video Microscope System

Innovative Change of OP Room

3D Video Surgical Microscope


Experience The Real Depth &

Fine Image of 4K 3D Surgical Video Microscope

Innovative Change of OP Room

contributes to surgeons by offering concertation on surgery due to effective connection with other surgical devices and it also optimizes the effective workflow during surgery

True Head-Up Posture

Surgeon's head-up posture will be maintained throughout the whole surgery by watching the 4K 3D monitor, providing freedom from inevitable neck pain, back pain, eye strain, and headache

Easy Cooperation and Education

Everyone in the OR cooperates easily and observes every detail of the surgery as they watch same real time 3D images together with the surgeon. Captured 3D surgical images can be used for training and education 

In the past, Loupe or surgical microscopy was used.

Currently, 3D surgery using high-resolution 4K 3D video microscope is being developed to recognize the depth of the lesion through the monitor and to further refine and precise surgery.

voms-101 Surgical microsope



Distortion free

Remove the chromatic aberration by out patented lens technology

voms-100 Surgical microsope

Unsurpassed depth of field

Sometech’s patented image processing technology Provides crystal clear images for not only the immediate but also the surrounding area.

Head up System

Relief from neck and lumbar pain, eye strain and headache.

Touch screen GUI 

VOMS-400 has a built in GUI

화면 캡처 2021-04-29 140014.png

Easy and precise movement

Ergonomic design allows easy and precise movement. Surgeons can place the camera to focus on surgical area easily.

Adjustable optical zooming up to 2 times by simple twist of turret

Control system

Comfortable touch panel and foot pedal

Wire and wire-less connection with foot pedal 

Adjustable pedal function

X,Y Axis Movement

C-curve arm for the straight view of surgeon 

Ergonomic head up structure

Decreasing of image tremble 

Optimizing OR room space

Motorized Vertical, Horizontal and tilting extension arm

Microscope head

Multi-lens (20/40 mm) for anterior and posterior OR 

Motorizing movement controlled by foot pedal

Automatic 3D alignment 

Integrated wide angle viewer

Z Axis

Caster lock and foot switch

Pedal Lock System of Casters movement

Soft & smooth handing structure 

1.5X Digital zooming by footswitch 






Lacrimal gland



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화면 캡처 2021-04-29 153725 복사.png
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