low level laser teraphy


LT-200 has 650nm light energy. When this light energy is aplied to human tissues, the light is reflected again to around the tissues, which makes damaged cells active finally. LT-200 is medical laser irradiator good for pain management by enlarging blood vessels and stimulating autonomic nerve.

LT-200's wavy cylinder lens changes Dot style of light enlarged by convex lens to long straight light. This straight light is useful for wide injured parts.

Laser's movements from side to slide

Enhanced safety functions

Laser is released by pushing Start button.
Periodic laser warning calls

Flexible tube: Movable 90' to 180' up and down

Main unit

Simple and suitable functions
Angle: 20' to 60'
Speed: Step 1 to Step 3
Timer: 1 min to 20 min


Stable and mobile


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