Skin/scalp/hair analyzing camscope



"Specialized diagnostic camera for skin and hair"

1,300,000 pixels 1/4 Color VGA CMOS Image sensor 

Use a button on a probe or foot switch to capture the image without image shaking


Convenient installation in computer

Direct connection to PC through USB port.

It is easy to take images using capture button. It is possible to take whole face and hair conditions of customer using adjustment knob. (Max. X400)

Multi-purpose cap

It provides crystal clear images using illuminating cap to reduce reflection.

It provides client's education for skin, scalp and hair conditions through various magnification rates (X12, X14, X40, X50, X100) without changing lens.

It is more effective for diagnosis of scalp and hair cuticles using optional (X400) lens and light guide cap.

It can make easy diagnosis of capillary expansion and pigmented area in dermis layer with polarized filter cap.

Customer management by software program

Image management software "Skinsys", "Hairsys" and "Cosmanager" can provide professional consultant to customer and make distinguish with others.

Skinsys: Skin analysis and Customer Management Software

Hairsys: Hair analysis and Customer Management Software

Cosmanager: Image Management Software

Simple and convenient design

Ultra light and small sized compact design to handle by one hand.

Various applications

It can be used on skin, scalp and hair related markets like Skin management shop, scalp management shop, beauty salon, cosmetics shop, field sales representatives, beauty college, beauty academy, research center of cosmetics company, wig company, pharmacy etc.


Captured images

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