-The following products are coming soon: 

All-in-one Type Full HD 3D Laparoscopic, Model Name VLS-200 

2nd Generation 4K 3D Laparoscopic Model Name VLS-400

2nd Generation 4K 3D Video Surgical Microscope, Model Name VOMS-400 

4K 2D Video Laparoscopic Microscope, Model Name VES-400 

Full HD Dental 3D Video Surgical Microscope, Model Name VOMS-202D 

Chip on Tip Type Full HD 3D Laparoscopic, Model Name COT-200

Chip on Tip Type HD 2D Laparoscopic Model COT-100

Kim's Console (Glassesless 3D Console Monitor and Surgeon's Chair) 

Surgeon's Chair (standalone) 

2017-2020 (3D Release Prep)

3D Surgical Microscope (VOMS-102D) Launched 

2nd Generation 4K 3D Laparoscopic Development and Optimization Initiated 

2nd Generation 4K 3D Visual Surgical Microscopy Development and Optimization Initiated 

1st Generation 3D Laparoscopic System Earned CFDA for 4K 2D Laparoscopic Development 

3D Surgical Microscope US Patent Registration


2016.012D Endoscopic System (VES-100) CE Acquisition

"3D Video Surgery Microscope (VOMS-100) Launched "World's First"" 3D laparoscopic patent registration in South Korea 
3D laparoscopy, Brazil certified ANVISA 
Ophthalmology 3D Surgery Microscope Optimization Initiated 
Launched 3D surgical microscope (medical and dental VOMS-101) 
Start developing 3D laparoscopic "Chip on Tip" type 
3D surgical microscope (VOMS-100 / 101D) CE acquisition 
Surgical Online Platform (3D SOL) Development Initiated


Domestic patent registration for 3D video surgery microscope. 
U.S. Patent Registration for 3D Video Surgery Microscope. 
2012.07 "1st Generation 3D Laparoscopic Launch"

2006 -2011
2011.03 Development of high frequency surgical instruments ST-531 and obtaining item permission & obtaining certification of Helene CE for semiconductor laser surgical instruments
Korea International Trade Association (KITA) awarded top export of $3 million.
Sumtech Co., Ltd. established after selling M&A, a KOSDAQ-listed company. 
2006 to 2012 "3D Video Surgery System Research and Development" 
2006.11 3D Laparoscopic R&D Project Government Initiates Government Initiated 
Establishment of 3D stereoscopic imaging division and development of 3D imaging system.


2003.07 KOSDAQ listing
2003.07 Dr. Oppel (RF Surgical Instrument) KFDA Acquisition
2002.12 Awarded the Prime Minister's Commendation (Technology Development Division) for the 12th Small and Medium Business Awards;
2001.11 Grand Prize Winner for Venture Companies 
2000.03 Redirect to Sumtech Co., Ltd. 
1998.09 Medical Vision System Release (Dr. Camscope) 
1993.03 Introduction of High Frequency Surgical Machines (MGI-201)
1992.07 Development of medical imaging camera system completed
1991.01 Introduction of Low Output Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) 
Established Mickey Trading Co., Ltd. (Sumtech Startup) Developed and supplied medical Visioner-2000, Micro Visioner, Micro Camscope, etc.

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