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Based on our 30 years of experiences and technology & quality control system, for the past for the past 15 years, we invested and kept our focus on the development of 3D laparoscopy system and 3D video surgical microscopes that are being used in major surgeries. Our efforts did not stop us at the stage of 3D full HD. We are now at the stage of launching a second generation, 4K 3D laparoscopy system and 4K 3D video surgical microscopes.

 Our 3D technology aims to provide doctors with clear vision on lesion, accurate and safe surgeries through depth perception through 3D effect, and intuitive and fast surgeries that ultimately increase not only patients’ satisfaction but also doctors’.
Preventing infection is crucial in the current non-contact era. Our devices help doctors to prevent contamination by minimizing contact with patients as our devices let doctors have a “head-up” posture.

 The idea of 3D laparoscopy first came from the 3D effects from movies. We had confidence that this would be helpful in the medical industry. We were more than confident that the stereoscopic 3d effect will provide more accurate and more convenient surgeries. At last, we successfully launched the first 3D laparoscopy system in Korea. Not only that, the idea of removing an uncomfortable eyepiece from microscopes to provide surgeons with a comfortable operation environment made us develop 3D video surgical microscopes and we were able to supply them to the world market

 Today, via our continuous research and development, well-known global businesses joined our trend and entered the 3D video surgical market. 3D video surgeries are becoming the main trend in the surgical industry. In the fierce competition in the global medical market, Sometech seeks to supply more stable and economical surgical equipment to surgeons around the world through cooperation with specialized medical distributors in each country.


 We will continuously develop our devices to make them compatible with any other devices in the operations room, that is, “Smart Operation Room”, the next generation of the operations room. We will do our best to develop Sometech into a global medical device manufacturer and contribute to the health development of the whole world.

About Sometech

Established in 1989, Sometech has focused on developing advanced products based on convergence integration technology such as software, optics, medicine, and electronics with multiple application experience in medical and industrial business. With the passion we`ve had for creating world class products since our foundation, we have focused on localizing medical equipment by focusing on research and development in medical imaging equipment and surgical devices. We have supplied such high-tech products such as cosmetic diagnostic, and industrial video microscopes with high technology to the medical business industry.

Sometech has developed this 3D imaging system since 2006. We expected this would be a major business in the future. We also launched 3D Laparoscope in 2012, the first in Korea, with assistance from the government. Sometech's 3D Laparoscope has earned high reputation by creating a new paradigm of surgical equipment for the world.


Based on our high technology in medical devices since 1989, on May 2015, Sometech launched the world`s first 3D heads up eyepiece-free microscope. Sometech has focused on R&D for 3D medical equipment and taken the lead in the 3D surgical era with 3D core capability for the future. We have continuously developed 3D laparoscopy products and 3D video surgical microscopes, creating superior products to meet our customer`s requirements.

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