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Sometech R&D Center

기술 중심의 기업 ‘썸텍', 국내최초, 3D복강경 및 3D수술 현미경 개발 성공으로 세계적인 기술력 입증

Sometech R & D Center

Sometech tries to do itself to develop world-class products in the camera system, surgical and remedy device fields with efforts and cumulative technology know-how.

Sometech R&D center has efforts to diversify product in medical device, industrial camera system and hair/skin analysis system for meeting customer’s various requests.

Sometech develops world-class products and technology, also we became leasing company of medical device filed and we were selected by government for projects with lasting investment and passion for 23 years.
Especially sometech is in charge of government project of high definition 3D laparoscopy system in 2006, and develop high definition 3D laparoscope system. So, we achieve Recognition its ability in the medical industry. High definition 3D laparoscopy system which combines medical endoscope and camera system is symbol of Sometech’s technology.

Official Approval from certification authority

Sometech is recognized as the leading company in medical field and gains ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP, KFDA in Korea, and CE in Europe.