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  • Auto Calibration
  • Manual and automatic Calibration tools enable to get accurate measure values for various magnifications through simple and easy setting up.
  • Freeze Image Measurement
  • It provides various measurement tools. And measured values could be modified, deleted and repositioned.
  • Tilling [Composition of divided images - Manual and Automatic mode]
  • Boundary lines among divided images could be founded manually or automatically, and then tilling detected creates complete one image.
  • Interface focusing on user's conveniences
  • Measured values corresponded with user's purposes could be print out as table type in real-time. According to user's preference, measure tools, image list and result value window could be repositioned. In addition, newly adopted MID method enables to compare and analysis the live image and saved the images coincidentally.
  • Multi Focusing
  • De-focused images will be composited by focused images - Multi focusing function enables to bring some de-focused images into focus through composition.
  • Various measure option
  • A user can control the space and the length of standard ruler on diversified marker bar. It enables to catch the characteristic of objects and lead to correct inspection. And a magnifier function allows users to inspect minute areas during inspection. Analysis for minute areas could be done through full screen view, partial or full magnification view.
  • Report Function
  • Measured data and modified images in software could be converted into Excel format. This Excel format will help users to prepare report easily.
  • Supporting standard image format
  • Measured images will be automatically saved based on standard format. So, these images could be opened at other edit programs.
  • Video Storage Function