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  • Calibration function
  • Accurate and easy calibration tool is provided to secure exact measurement value for various magnification
  • Upgraded user interface
  • Real time, user purposed applied measurement value can be printed as table format, and it supports easy acess to the measured values as you can change the color, status or position of the measurement tools
  • Various measurement option
  • It provides convenient atmosphere for accurate measurement for quick cassification of the object's shape by diversified marker bar and user selectable interval and standard ruler It also provides magnification function for the precise measurement
  • Measurement for moving and captured image
  • You can measure the image at the status of moving or captured, and the correction, delete or reallocation is available ( It supports the unlimited measuring tools such as horizontal, vertical, length of free line radius of circle, rectangle's area, angle, alternate angle, accumulated length of line and etc.)
  • Image viewer
  • It automatically saves the measured image format, and it supports to open measured image in other image editting programs
  • Report function
  • Exel conversion of image or data, and it provides various formats of report function of 3 image to 8 image report