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  • Rigid Type Borescope
  • - The image quality is excellent due to united lens.
  • - Three types of diameter applied to each fields.
  • - Image distraction can be avoided due to rod index lens.
  • - Saving time and personnel expenses.
  • - Excellent durability due to stainless steel tube structure.
  • - Can be magnified up to 150 times.
  • - Independent light source for quick portability.
  • Flexible Type Borescope
  • - You can change the field of view by connecting millions of fiber optic between the field lens and objective lens.
  • - You can examine curved area with the help of flexible probe and the Borescope can be protected from bad external circumstances because it is made of metal and plastic material.
  • - You can be captured clear image from shot distance to unlimited distance.
  • - The resolution of Flexible Borescope makes it possible to capture optimum image.


Rigid Type Borescope Hwakeye Precision Borescope Kit

Flexible Type BorescopeHwakeye Precision Borescope Kit

Necessity of Borescope

  • Dismantling the machines is not necessary in the field of Q.C in manufacturer
  • It can examine deep bores, dampers, actuator and fine surface finishes without dismantling. Therefore, you can save enough in labor and materials so that great deals of profits can be created.
  • Safety diagnosis of automobile and aviation
  • Technicians can perform diagnostic engine checks without pulling the engine from the car and airplane with Borescope. Therefore, it creates significant cost saving.
  • Safety and time-saving diagnosis of interior buildings
  • It takes a long time to disassemble the gear case or crank shaft to check rusty particles on oil filter or inside of building. However, the Borescope can find the problems and causes easily for minutes.
  • Rifles, safe, locks and munitions industry
  • The Borescope can be used in the field of rifles, a lock and safe where the accuracy and precision is necessary. Therefore, it enhances the customer's confidence.
  • Military, police, customs safety, safety management and etc.
  • The Borescope can be used in the field of baggage check performed at airport, harbor and company that provide safety to customers.