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Video Microscope System



  • - 2 Mega pixel
  • - One-touch Lens Exshange
  • - Advaned LED Lamp
  • - Conveniet Portable Device
  • Easy image storage and file management
  • Advanced LED Lamp with high light efficiency (18w)
  • Transferring mass storage through USB 2.0 Terminal
  • High-definition images with about losing details
  • Various mega magnification lenses
  • Various Mega Magnification Lenses
  • Various clear and in-depth Mega magnification lenses from low to high (00 ~ 3400) allow to use in various applications like industry, academic and research etc. And, they enable to inspect an object with high-definition and three dimensional
  • Convenient Focus Adjustment
  • The most efficient image inspection can be easily accomplished by adjusting the focus knob (Far~Near) on camera as well as by adjusting the coarse and fine screw on stage viewer.
  • Contact / Non-contact inspection type
  • Moving coarse, fine screws after fixing the camera on stage viewer enable to inspect an object like microscope. A contact inspection type using only a camera enables o inspect a finished product without sampling works as well.


Model IMS
Size 250(W) X 250(D) × 150(H)
LCD 8.0"×GA Color TFT-LCD
Weight Mobile(3.9kg) / Desk(2.5kg)
Video Output VGA 1EA (640×480)
Lamp 18W LED Lamp (6500K)
DC Input AC-DC Adapter 19V 10.3A
Batter DC 14.8 V 9.6Ah Li-ion
(Use 1.5 hours, Recharge 8 hours)