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IMS 1080P

IMS 1080P

  • Mobile Type
  • Mobile type IMS 1080P is easy to carry by applying a 10.2' monitor and a lithium-ion battery. It's industrial microscope that can be use easily and more convenience at the industrial sites. (3 hours continuous use)
  • Stage Viewer
  • After fixing the camera on Stage Viewer, working of crude and fine screw can be check like under a microscope. It can easily also be used with only camera as a contact in the contact inspection method for inspecting the finished state without just Sampling operation.


  • HD (1080P) high definition picture quality by application of high-definition image sensor
  • Camera, light source devices, recording devices into one integrated all-in-one type
  • Portable industrial camera
  • Fast image transmission with USB 3.0
  • Definition image output with HDMI Interface
  • Real-time video and still images can be recorded on the SD card (the default hard)
  • Choose from a variety of lens magnification of 60 to 3400 times