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Skin/Scalp/Hair Management Program



  • It is a professional skin analysis and treatment software that enables you to provide well-organized and scientific consulting out of one-dimensional consulting in beauty shop. You can use it widely from keeping customer's treatment history to managing customers, products and sales.


  • Skin analysis & measuring function
  • - Analyze dry, oily, normal and combination skin
    - Analyze image of sebum condition
    - Analyze the skin curvature with showing 3D analysis image
    - Analyze keratin through precise edge detection algorithm
    - Automatic analyze the pigmentation through a palarizing filter
  • Customer management function
  • - Effective customer management and save skin analysis result continuously ·Able to compare customer's analysis image and edit
    - Customer oriented interface in consideration of user's convenience
    - Products Database combination function related with recommended products after analysis
    - Able to counsel customers with the skin treatment after getting the detailed result of analysis program
    - Advise the cause of skin condition and solution through skin diagnosis wizard

Process of Skinsys Program

Skinsys Sebum Seet & Stan / Moisture checker

  • Sebum Sheet & Stand
  • Sebum content could be measured as measure the light intensity which is penetrate the sebum sheet
  • Moisture checker
  • This device shows the moisture rate on the face. The moisture content is displayed on the screen, when sensor on moisture checker is pressed on the skin.