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Skin/Scalp/Hair Management Program



  • It is alopecia, scalp and hair analysis software for more systematic and scientific customer consulting which presents the detail information of alopecia, hair and hair type analysis proper care method. You can use this software widely from management of analysis result as well as product, sales and shop for life long


  • Scalp/Hair analysis & measurement function
  • - Analyze correct hair/scalp condition through hair/scalp type analysis and measurement of hair thickness.
  • - Increase customer's satisfaction through results from correct analysis based on alopecia type and symptoms, advice special method for hair/scalp management and recommendation of proper products.
  • Customer management function
  • - Convenient customer registration, saving and management customers' analysis results, continuously (Auto saving for alopecia, scalp, measurement of hair thickness)
  • - Lead customer to keep a close relationship and to visit to shop through management of reservation
  • Shop management function
  • - Customer oriented interface in consideration of user's convenience
  • - Abel to report customers' analysis result and invoice for proper products, at any time

Process of Hairsys Program