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RF Diathermy Device



  • LVT-250 is an equipment use to relieve pain using a dielectric heating method. When applying a high frequency electric current to the human body, electrical energy is converted into thermal energy due to human body resistance.
  • Auto recognition of electrodes / Automatic temperature control (Patent : 20-0397295)
  • Various sizes of electrodes


  • Automatic Output Adjustment
  • The electrode size is automatically recognized and displayed on the screen before treatment. It automatically maintains the temperature that is set in advance when in contact with the skin to prevent burns and allow safe usage.
  • Impedance Control
  • Real-time measurement of resistance of the skin and automatically adjust the output power so the target temperature is quickly reached. Target temperature is maintained throughout the treatment enhancing the effects of a high frequency management with excellent stability.< /li>
  • Real-Time Temperature Display
  • Temperature is displayed in real-time and during auto mode, output is adjusted automatically to reach the target temperature in a short period of time
  • Temperature Display
  • Inside the electrodes, there are sensors that measure and display temperature in real-time during skin contact. In Manual mode, user can adjust the power by checking the temperature on the display.
  • Various Applications
  • LVT-250 may be applied to a wide range of application areas because it has electrodes of various sizes from 20mm to 100mm.
  • Automatically Stop Treatment with Timer Setting
  • When the timer is set by the user, the output is automatically turned off at the set time. It makes it possible to avoid unnecessary use and START/STOP is also possible at any time during use.
  • Automatic Electrode Recognition (Patent : 20-397295)
  • Automatically detects the size of the connected electrode and automatically controls the power to match the electrode. Problems that can occur due to negligence, such as burns, can be prevented in advance and users can feel safer.
  • Automatic Temperature Control (Patent : 20-0397295)
  • Temperature sensor is built into the ceramic electrode, allowing real-time measurement of the temperature on the skin during the producer. The output power is controlled by comparing the skin temperature with the set temperature, allowing a more convenient and safe treatment.
  • Excellent Insulation of the Ceramic Electrode
  • The insulation coating on the surface of the ceramic electrode minimizes the possibility of spark or discomfort, allowing the users to feel safer during the procedure