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3D Laparoscope

2D Laparoscopy System



  • All in one system ( CCU + Light source + Recorder )
  • Saving cost and efficient use based on " All in one system "
  • Power LED light source brighter than Xenon 300W light source
  • Saving and recording images into SD card or HDD
  • Touch LCD and Intuitive GUI for users
  • Efficient image saving  to USB or SD card.


  • Crystal clear FULL HD(1080P) resolution
  • Durable and convenient button on camera head
  • Easy zooming and fine focusing by button on camera head
  • Compact , convenient and light-weight camera head
  • Water proof camera head


  • High quality scopes for major applications
  • Rigid and safe to patients
  • Various diameter and length for each application


Performance division Performance
Power Consumption Max 125VA
Size (WxDxV) 310mm x 300mm x 150mm (±10%)
Main Unit & Camera Rated votage 220Vac. 60Hz
Video output 1920 x 1080P 30 Frame / 1920 x 1080i Frame
Valid pixels 92,073,600 pixel
GUI interface Resistive touch method
Light intensity 8.0 x 104 Lux
Cooling method Fan cooling
Light intensity Adjustment method 0~10(Level adjustment method)
Color temperature 6,800K (±10%)
Focus adjustment (without scope) 130mm~2,000(mm)
Capture image Full HD(1920 x 1080).jpg
Video recording MP4(H.264).avi