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3D Laparoscope

3D Laparoscopy System

Dr.Camscope 3D


  • 1920×1080P@60Hz High-Definition Image
  • Depth perceoption by 3D stereoscopic image
  • Allows more accurate and precise operation

MAIN Unit (Dr.Camscope 3D)

  • Convergence Control
  • With a basic working distance of 5cm, working distance is possible to be adjusted from 3cm as close range to 10cm as long range, allowing effective surgery for both close range and far-out.
  • Binocular Disparity Control
  • Human eyes see objects with binocular disparity. In the same way, two cameras are used to display 3D image
  • Adjustment jig is provided to easily adjust the Binocular Disparity after scope replacement. Adjustment can be set with simple touch screen on the Binocular Disparity COntrol menu.
  • White Balance Function
  • Automatically adjust the white balane of the camera image
  • Rotate Function
  • Depending on the operation environment, the image can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Interfaces 4 HDMI Oyt pyt
  • Total 4 HMDI interfaces installed, 3 HDMI-out for 3D image and 1 HDMI-out for 2D image

SCOPE Unit (True Eye)

  • Scope integrated with LED light
  • Light cables are very simple because scope's light source integrates with camera cables.
  • 1920×1080P@60Hz 3Chip CCD Camera[1080P]
  • High resolution 1920 X 1080P@60Hz 3Chip CCD camera is used to express vivid and rich color and implement clear and accurate image
  • High Resolution Rod Lens Design
  • By employing an independently developed Rod Lens, high-resolution 3D laparoscopy is implemented


  • LED Light Source
  • 6,500。K color temperature to reduce eye fatigue
  • Light intensity of over 47,000LUX for easy visibility during surgery