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3D Surgical Microscope

3D Video Sugical Microscope System






  • Distortion free
  • Remove the chromatic aberration by out patented lens technology
  • Unsurpassed depth of field
  • Sometech’s patented image processing technology Provides crystal clear images for not only the immediate but also the surrounding area.
  • Head free operation
  • Relief from neck and lumbar pain, eye strain and headache.
  • Sharing of surgical imaging
  • VOMS-101D can share the recorded surgical images through 3D full HD monitor
  • Touch screen GUI
  • VOMS-101D has a built in GUI and easy touch on the screen, and set the image quality
  • Easy and precise movement
  • Ergonomic design allows easy and precise movement. Surgeons can place the camera to focus on surgical area easily.
  • Adjustable optical zooming up to 2 times by simple twist of turret

  • Applications
  • Digital type 3 times zooming
  • I has optical and digital zooming system, optical zoom for 2 times and digital zoom for 3 times. Easy control by main unit and foot switch while operation.
  • Various microscopic lens for optimized various applications
  • 1 basic lens with condensing lens, and other lens are optional