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Title Sometech “3D Laparoscope can reduce cost of Robotic surgery”
Date 2018.08.08 Hit 2118




As Korean people's diet has become Westernized, including meat and fast food, a growing number of people are suffering from cancer and gallstones. According to the National Health Insurance Corporation statistics, annual average increase rate of surgery is increased. (Endoscopes 7.8 %, 1st place, Gallbladder ablation 6 %, 3rd place)


As these result, 2D Laparoscopic surgery is replaced 3D Laparoscopic surgery and 3D Robotic surgery. In particular, Sometech(CEO Yang Hee-bong)’s 3D Laparoscope which is launched for the first time in Korea in 2012, is credited in domestic and overseas markets.


3D Laparoscope is better to recognize depth and distance than 2D Laparoscope so that through precise and safely surgery, it can prevent medical accident.


Because of Full-HD 3D image can recognize depth, Sometech’s 3D Laparoscope is proper to education. It is expected that it will greatly help the medical industry development of developing countries where medical industry development is beginning as well as medical college clinical practice. Also, 3D Laparoscope’s cost is lower than Robotic surgery, it can relieve the burden of patients. Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service shows that in prostate cancer surgery, Laparoscope cost is 1.89~6.22 million won and Robotic surgery cost is 4~15 million won.


With the exception of some prostate cancer surgeries, etc, 3D Laparoscopic surgery can be less burdensome for patients because the rates of complications or length of hospitalization are almost same with Robotic surgery.


Experts who are using 3D laparoscope said, "Although we had a prejudice that 3D would be dizzy, surgery even a long time does not feel dizzy due to the quality of high-definition 3D image”


Sometech said, “We are planning to upgrade our product for safe 3D Laparoscopic surgery and making patient have less burdensome for Robotic surgery through 3D Laparoscopic surgery” and “We are striving to expand the 3D Laparoscope market and thereby to be a global leader”

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