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Title Sometech, ‘3D Surgical Video Microscope’ is going to expanding overseas market
Date 2018.08.08 Hit 1471




An increasing number of cataract diseases worldwide, thereby increasing demand for surgical microscopes. According to a recent statistics released by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (2016) cataract surgery in Korea accounts for the largest number of surgeries between 2011 and 2016. (1,793,535 cases in 2016)

Due to the increasing demand for microscopy, technology is also evolving, as this result, 3D HUD(Head Up Display) surgery has emerged. In the past, doctor used loupe or 2D surgical microscope but now, they use 3D  video surgical microscope with High-Definition, so that they can recognize depth.

 Because of this Sometech which Korea's medical device manufacturer that leads to the first invention and trend of 3D video surgery microscopes is spotlighted. In March 2015,Sometech(CEO Yang Hee-bong) launched HUD(Dead-Up Display) 3D surgical microscope for the first time in the world which name is RealMicro VOMS-100. It has made a new paradigm in domestic and worldwide medical market and credited technology in Europe and Asia.

 Sometech's 3D video surgery microscope minimizes distance and depth awareness through three-dimensional images, ultimately preventing medical accidents. Also, it can have a wider view and perform surgery safely and accurately in a comfortable position because of HUD(Dead-Up Display). For this reason, patients are provided with safer surgeries, and doctor can take less stress.

 In addition, the 3D video surgical microscope is suitable for education because of its short training time and skill period since technical control is easy based on wide vision and three-dimensional sensitivity. Not only is it suitable for clinical practice at medical schools, but it is also suitable to be introduced in developing countries where the medical industry is the first stage.

 Experts who are using 3D laparoscope said, "Although we had a prejudice that 3D would be dizzy, surgery even a long time does not feel dizzy due to the quality of high-definition 3D image” and “Once watching 3D monitor adapted, surgery is being comfortable and stresses down”

 Sometech said, “Many professors and hospital presidents are popular because they can escape from neck, waist disc and headaches caused by limited movement during long-term contact lens microscopy”, “To upgrade hospital images with state-of-the-art procedural environment by installing 3D medical devices is also big merit” and “We are striving to expand the 3D Laparoscope market and thereby to be a global leader”

















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