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Title First 3D Video Surgical Microscope System [Medical News]
Date 2016.03.09 Hit 3596

First 3D Video Surgical Microscope System

in the World Launched

‘Real Micro,’ 3D Surgical Microscope with No Ocular for all Surgical Environments

Based on its technological innovations in the medical imaging system and medical laser field over 27 years since its establishment in 1989, Sometech Inc. (CEO Hi-bong Yang) developed the first 3D video surgical microscope system in the world. It also completed the development of its model series most suitable for the environment of all surgeries (ophthalmology, spine, brain, neuro, general, ob-gyn, ENT, and dental surgeries) that require a surgical microscope.

The existing microscopes for laser surgeries showed only a surgical lesion through an ocular eye-piece, so the operator suffered inconvenience after a lengthy surgery. They also had a problem in that they could not show the surrounding environment of a surgical lesion at the same time.


Even with the inconvenience, the surgery cannot be done without a microscope, so a high-cost imported microscope had to be purchased with no other choice.


For the first time in the world, Sometech developed an innovative 3D video surgical microscope with no ocular eye-piece, which can replace the high-cost imported optical microscope, and it marketed the product last year. Sometech is selling and exporting the product with a good review for the product and its quality in domestic and foreign markets.

Sometech imaging system embodies full HD screen without distortion even for the monitor image showing on the digital screen. It shows a clear image of all surgical lesion areas, allowing the observation of not only the surgical lesion but the surrounding environment at the same time. It also applies negative 3D technology to realistically represent the sense of depth for the pictured image, allowing a much more accurate and detailed surgery than the surgery with a 2D screen.

In order to get rid of the inconvenience of the existing huge and heavy optic microscope, Sometech’s 3D surgical microscopes, Real Micro series have a compact and ergonomic design, which allows to be moved easily.

Operational inconvenience during the surgery was removed equipped with the most user-friendly interface and a foot switch that enables simple operation. Real Micro series are continuously upgraded to be suitable for the surgeries that use the products. Real Micro series models are divided into a premium model with motorizing lens and XYZ unit stand for ophthalmology (VOMS-100P), a model for general surgeries including neurosurgery (VOMS-100), and a model for dental microsurgery (VOMS-100D).


Real-time View of Surgical Image through Streaming Online and Educational Video Services, “SOL (Surgical On-Line) System= What Sometech most currently focuses on and what it mulls over for its customers is the content development of continuous profit model for all customers who uses its products. SOL (Surgical On-Line) system is developed together with the development of the 3D laparoscopy system and the 3D surgical microscope series for the medical video education as well as for the remote medical service system which will be provided in the future.


SOL is a medical portal educational system that shares surgical images by connecting a 3D laparoscope and a 3D surgical microscope based on the SI. SOL allows sharing the real-time surgical images by connecting with an intranet network. The mobile sharing of real-time images through internet connection will also be possible in the future. 


Besides, a full HD 3D surgical imaging content can be secured with the recording function of a 3D laparoscope and a 3D surgical microscope, which can be provided as 3D images through the internet. As a result, the protection for the copyright and the generated profit will be guaranteed, which will create worldwide business for the contents of the specialized medical education.


3D Laparoscopy with Domestic Equipment! Quality of Domestic 3D Laparoscopy System More Recognized in Overseas Market= For the first time in the nation, Sometech developed and launched 3D Laparoscopy System in 2012 based on its accumulated technological skills and experiences.  It is officially exporting the product to overseas markets.

Sometech 3D Laparoscopy System enables the perception of depth with 3D images, which will reduce surgery time and learning period. It also enables detailed surgery and eliminates dizziness during a lengthy surgery. It is equipped with a screen with excellent quality, so it is continuously well praised by doctors who used it.

Domestic hospitals and clinics mostly tend to prefer the imported laparoscopy system to the 3D laparoscopy system, which was developed with the government support and has a competitive price. However, Gil Hospital of Gachon Medical University recently decided to purchase Sometech 3D Laparoscopy System, considering beneficial features that the domestic medical device has better technology and quality than foreign brand and direct service can be provided.

Even though Sometech’s technological skills and product quality are not falling behind compared to other products of competitive manufacturers, Sometech 3D Laparoscope System can be purchased with a lower price.


This advantageous feature is highly recognized in the global laparoscope market, so the product is exported to Europe, Middle East, Asia, and even South America. Sometech is considering opening manufacturing centers in the North American market to expand sales in the area.

In order to be a leader in the overseas 3D medical imaging system market, Sometech will endeavor to be a global manufacturer through more aggressive development of highly value-added new-concept medical devices using 3D/optic technologies. It is applying for patents of its self developed 3D technology in many countries worldwide.

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