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Title Leica HM500 Headmounted Surgical Microscope for Surgery [News Medical]
Date 2016.01.26 Hit 2424

Varioscope M5) is the world's only Headmounted Surgical Microscope. It combines the flexible, mobile properties of loupes with the magnification capabilities of surgical microscopes.

The system offers sharp, clear 3D images for minimally invasive procedures.


Fields of application:

Headmounted Microscopy has become essential in vascular, cardio and thoracic, plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, pediatric, orthopedic, spine, ENT, general and trauma surgery, and urology.


Maximum flexibility and mobility

With the Leica HM500 the surgeon can look at the surgical field from all sides, even from the inside, while both of the surgeon's hands are free for the operation. The system's mobility additionally permits to move unhindered in the operating room.


Variable magnification

The footswitch-controlled stepless optical zoom allows variable selection of magnification factors between 2× and 9×. The surgeon can thus swiftly change between high-resolution and overview according to the 'work in progress'.


Integrated coaxial illumination

The integrated coaxial light provides a shadow-free illumination of the operating field. Two illumination concepts cover the surgical needs for a large field of light or a centrally 8× intensified spot light (SL) depending on the field of application.


Live documentation

The integrated autofocus video camera produces top-quality images and recordings for teaching and analysis practices. Also the workflow is optimized as the operation team sees the same as the surgeon and hence can assist him or her more efficiently.


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