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Participation Report

Title 2013 Beauty Dubai skin Fair (Dubai Derma 2013)
Date 2016.04.22 Hit 1959



Sometech Inc participated in Beauty Exhibition (Dubai Derma 2013) which was held from April 16th to 18th in 2013. The exhibition consisted of approximately 129 exhibitors from 40 countries. About 3,800 people visited the exhibition.
During Dubai Derma 2013, Sometech left a great impression on the doctors who visited and tried some of our products. Large number of doctors from Middle East as well as from other countries visited the exhibition and showed great interest in beauty products arranging from RF diathermy device to skincare cameras. Distributors were also interested in various S/W which could lead to increasing sales for other related products such as Dr. Oppel and 3D products. Sometech were able to build a strong relationship with doctors and distributors from this fair and hope to be there again next year.


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