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Participation Report

Title 2012' Dubai Beautyworld
Date 2016.04.22 Hit 2036



International Cosmetic Exhibition, Dubai Beautyworld middleeast in Dubai,UAE was held from May 29 to 31. Dubai Beauty Middleeast 2012, participated in 755 exhibitors more than 45 countries and 11 Korean exhibitors. There were as many as 18,210 visitors too.

We, Sometech, had made progress of consultation with Middle East & South America such as Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, Brazil, Switerland.
Besides, we obtained good results of accomplish contracts by positive consulation on 4MH RF surgical device ST-501 with new electrode for wrinkle removal, 635nm Low level laser Red pulsar, Skin & Hair Analyzing Software (Skinsys & Hairsys)
Visitors have showed high interest in low level laser for scalp caring called Hairbelle due to a large number of alopecia patients in Middle East

Sometech focused on finding new distributors in Middle east and South America and received favorable evaluations during the exhibition on all other cosmetic products.


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