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Participation Report

Title Metal Tech 2012
Date 2016.04.22 Hit 1927



Metal Tech which 790 companies from 29 countries participate in, is hold in Malaysia from 2012 May 15th to 19th. Many south-east Asia countries are particularly interest in this exhibition. SOMETECH also had a business talk with many south-east Asia companies like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand etc.

And We demonstrated our industrial products which consist of 0.41mega pixels ICS and 2mega pixels IMS.
IMS and ICS can measure, enlarge, and observe the invisible part with easy manipulation.
And also we demonstrated industrial software “IT Plus 4.0 and 5.0” which can measure the sample and edit image and Database at a time. Many areas dealers like PCB, Semi-conduct, electronic etc. visited our booth with great interests. 

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